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Applicant Info

This program is a four-year on-the-job training program where students are taught the trade while actually working it. Apprentices are also required to attend classes offered at no charge through the DEA program. There is a yearly access fee of about $350 (based on the 2023-24 year) due by the first day of classes.

You have 30 (thirty) days to submit your information once you’ve received your application.

Once your application is complete you will be eligible for an online interview and placement in the program. Learn while earning a paycheck, and avoid going into debt thousands of dollars a year, just for tuition!

Most applicants will also need to take, and pass, an aptitude test prior to the interview.

The first call should be to the office if you have any questions; If not, please click on the ‘apply’ link to create an account and apply online today!


This is a notice of Equal Employment Opportunity in Electrical Apprenticeship.

Minimum Qualifications

1. Be a minimum of 18 years of age at the time of registration. (May apply at 17)

2. Possess a valid government issued ID.

3. Able to work legally in the United States and provide a valid Social Security Number.

4. High School Graduate or;

  • Have a certificate of High School Equivalency or GED or;
  • Have a two-year Associate Degree or higher.

5. Successfully completed one full year of High School Algebra with a grade of “C” or better or;

  • One full semester of post-high school algebra with a grade of “C” or better or;
  • The electrical training ALLIANCE online Tech Math course

6. Capable of completing all requirements of apprenticeship, including being able & willing to:

  • Safely perform, or learn to safely perform essential functions of the job
  • Get to and from work at job sites within the geographical jurisdiction of the Local Union
  • Attend and successfully complete all related instruction
  • Understand and follow all DEA Rules and Policies
  • Climb and work from ladders, scaffolds, poles, and towers of various heights
  • Push, pull, crawl, crouch, and work in confined spaces, lift 25-50 pounds regularly, and use various hand and power tools
  • Read, hear, speak, and understand instructions and warnings in English

Direct Interview/Entry

•Applicants may qualify for either Direct Entry or Direct Interview if they meet any of the following qualifications:

1. Military Experience. Applicants who have completed at least three years of active-duty service, with an honorable discharge within 5 years of the date of application.

2. [Electrical] Industry Experience. Applicants who can verify that they have worked a minimum of 2,000 hours specifically in the electrical construction trade.

3. Applicants who have completed any of the following:

  • Electrical training ALLIANCE Interim Credential Program
  • School-to-Apprenticeship Program (STA)
  • Job Corps [electrical construction] training program
  • Pre-apprenticeship Programs

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