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We accept applications 24/7, the deadlines apply only to a set interview date.


Applications MUST be turned into the JATC office a minimum of TEN DAYS BEFORE the interview date in order to qualify for interviews in an area on that date. No exceptions.


To start† the related training you must be accepted into the program before the training begins the end of August.


If you do not get a letter with your interview time before the date shown above, your application is not complete or we do not have a current address for you. Please contact the office to verify your mailing address and that your application documentation is complete.

Are you looking to become an electrician? The finest electrical workers receive their training through the Electrical Training Alliance (previously called the Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee AKA NJATC) of NECA and the IBEW. It's a model education partnership which produces the best-trained and most up-to-date electrical apprentices and journeymen in the country.

There's no substitute for excellent training. The Dakotas Area Electrical Apprenticeship and Training Fund (Dakotas JATC) assures that skilled manpower will always be available in the rapidly growing field of electrical contracting. Electrical workers receive training in telecommunications wiring, fiber optics, fire alarms, programmable logic control, power quality, safe job practices, the National Electrical Code, and much, much more. To view area covered, click here.

Over eighty-five percent of our apprentices complete the apprenticeship program and have meaningful careers as highly paid, skilled, journeymen electrical workers.

Don't delay. Find out how you can have a rewarding career in the electrical construction industry today.† Please read through the qualifications for apprenticeship.

To apply to this amazing program simply visit: Request an Application to request an application to our program. Return the application with a copy of your birth certificate, proof of graduation (high school diploma or GED) and of one credit of algebra or greater. You must be 18 and have a valid drives license to be employed in our program.

You have 30 (thirty) days to get your information turned in once youíve submitted an application.

Once your application is complete you will be eligible for an interview and placement in the program. Learn while earning a paycheck and avoid going in debt thousands of dollars a year for tuition!†

The first call should be to the office:†

701-297-5934 or 1-800-624-6371

Email: office@dakotasjatc.org

Or jatc@dakotasjatc.org







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FORGOT PASSWORD to log in to the new system as it now uses your email to log in.


If the email is not recognized we donít have it in our system, email it to the office and we will enter it.